Letting Go

All manner of self-proclaimed healers and goorus will yapper on about letting go. And sell you a mindfulness app to feed your dumbphone addiction and help you let go of your money.

The sad reality is that they don’t know the first thing about it. Which is a big reason why so many people find the notion of letting go offputting.

It’s a shame. Because the practice of letting go is the simplest and most universal method for dealing with ANY challenge.

Letting go is about removing the obstacles we create by aversion, believing, hoping, preconceiving, attaching and identifying.

To let go is an invitation to stop shooting yourself in the foot – or, more precisely, in the head.

When you attach and identify with the outcome of your actions, your energy is diverted from manifesting the desired outcome towards the outcome.

You stop manifesting and start fixating.

You become a sitting duck, a target for conditions to unsettle. And conditions are always changing, so they’re a guaranteed to unsettle whatever fowl is sitting.

Attachment to the outcome gives you immediate results: disappointment, frustration, exasperation.

Instead of taking action and moving forward, you daydream, you worry, you invent millions of reasons why it won’t manifest, you condition yourself to slack off and become unperceptive.

Attachment to the outcome makes you reactive. Every tiny change in conditions – including your own emotions – becomes a cause for concern, something that immediately distracts you from what you must do to become who you want to be.

Understand this and understand it well.

Every outcome is temporary and fleeting. Even if you do get the outcome, you still don’t want to attach to it. To identify with the outcome is to identify with nothing. Literally.

What wonder then that you feel like sheet when you do it all the time?

Frack the outcome.

“But, Daemon, how do I get the result I want without reverse-engineering from the outcome?”

Pay attention to the meaning of the fracking words.

To let go means not to allow attachment and identification. You’re not the outcome, you’re self-worth isn’t determined by the outcome. (In fact, you’re better off letting go of the idea of self-worth altogether.) When you attach and identify, you become a slave of conditions.

Instead, recall who you want to be. What’s your Vision of Yourself? What would that person do right now?

And you have all the answers you could ever need. Regardless of conditions, in any conditions.

If only you can be honest with yourself.

When you know who you want to be, you know what to do. You don’t need the information to take action.

Letting go isn’t about letting up.

The point isn’t to substitute lax disengagement and drifting in a cannabinoid haze for hoping and attaching and aggravating yourself.

Not even close.

You let go of your attachments and preconceptions so you can become more deeply immersed in experiencing the world rather than your opinions and illusions. The goal is to liberate yourself from being a prisoner in your own head, not to retreat in a cave and become one.

You let go of attachment to the outcome so you can become more deeply involved in taking action to manifest your Vision. This is the exact opposite of retreating into a world of wishful thinking and comfort (food).

You let go of attachment to the outcome so you can see clearly what’s happening around you, so you can become Aware of conditions instead of obsessing over them.

This is a tradeoff few appreciate and fewer remember often enough.

The more you attach to conditions, the more lo-awarenes you become – because your attachment to the outcome you want, to the conditions you have convinced yourself are best clouds your actual perception of what’s going on. You substitute your opinions and your self-created suffering (the difference between what you attach/identify with and what actually is) for what your senses are trying to tell you.

You become blinded by your own self-inflicted suffering.

Or you let go and See.

This is what letting go is all about. When you let go, you gain power because you have removed the mental shackles you create by attaching and identifying.

Uncling from your preconceptions and obsessions, stop identifying with imaginary things, stop being needy and reactive.

Let go.

Simple, not easy.

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