The Power of Non-Engagement

If you deal with a lot of people – especially if you a have an actual 9-to-5 – you also have to deal with loads of aggravation on a daily basis.

And if it were just at work, that would great wouldn’t it?

But it’s everywhere.

A lot of people operate under the massive misapprehension that you can convince or, worse, improve people through argument.

That you can make them change their ways, encourage them to improve and so on.

That you can possibly make them better people through confrontation and argument.

I won’t lie to you.

It’s safe to say that arguments are the sort of thing where you have no winners. It’s a strictly lose-lose situation, unless you you’re arguing as a form of public spectacle.

Arguing with people is a complete waste of time.

They either get defensive, develop a grudge (if you show them how fracking stupid they are – to themselves) or simply don’t get it.

Don’t waste you time.

Instead, learn to direct your attention and energy where it will make a difference.

Where it brings you closer to manifesting your Vision.


Realize that you don’t have to respond and you don’t have to engage.

Verbally, physically, emotionally – in any way.

Power begins within oneself, in learning to direct your attention and energy in being non-reactive. A degenerate society with no sense of manners and class is the perfect testing ground for this ability. There are plenty of mindless dumbphone apes floating around to test your patience and place all sorts of demands on your attention.

Just don’t.

Don’t engage.

Don’t respond.

Don’t even laugh at it.

Don’t so much as move a single muscle on your face.

Just go about your day unperturbed.

You have a Vision to manifest. You have no attention surplus for nonentities.

There are two obvious benefits to this beyond developing your ability to self-regulate, which is a tremendous asset which few possess these days.

First, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy which you would otherwise waste dealing with harsewipes.

Second, you will make a clear mark on any observer who sees you deal with social pests this way.

When you treat someone like a nothing, that makes an impression. A lot of people would like to have the guts to do the same in their own time. Others would certainly think thrice before they attempt to engage with you like the nit you just crushed – by doing absolutely nothing.

Third, if you do it right, you will project class and gain respect from anyone, even people who don’t like you and will never admit it.

Practice this for a week and let me know how it went. I bet a lot of your social interactions would improve significantly by not existing.

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